About Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Junior Chamber International, is an organization founded in 1915 at St. Louis, Mussourie, USA and now we have more than 9 Lakh members across 130 Countries. JCI members are professionals and entrepreneurs between the age group 18 and 40. It is a voluntary training organization where young people come together in a friendly spirit, train themselves and become better citizens by actively participating in organizing activities aimed at social improvement

About JCI Cochin

Excel with passion. Look at the world with compassion. And enjoy some great moments of true fellowship. JCI Cochin, affiliated to Indian Jaycees & Junior Chamber International, and one of the oldest standing chapters of India, is all these and more. Our Local Organization was formed in the year 1965, under the leadership of Jc. M. Shanmugham, and creating waves ever since. Leadership skills, community involvement, personality development, international opportunities and networking are some of the goodies you can carry home, being a part of this great organisation. No wonder, we are one of the most awarded chapters in the history of Indian Jaycees, creating great leaders who move up the rungs of the Jaycee movement at various levels and responsibilities.

Our mission is ‘To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change’

The Vanguards